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Part and Full Rewiring Services in Birmingham, Worcester, Sutton Coldfield

Expert Home Rewiring  Services

At RNE Services Ltd, we're a team of experienced professionals, who are highly skilled at completing all manners of rewiring tasks, no matter the size or complexity.

It doesn't matter whether your kitchen, bathroom or even your entire house requires attention, our team will ensure rewiring is carried out safely and efficiently.

When you choose RNE Services Ltd for your rewiring needs, you're choosing a quality service that guarantees a finished product that strictly adheres to all safety standards. Trust us to safely wire your spaces.

Fully Qualified & Insured!

Rewiring Services for New Builds

At RNE Services Ltd, we collaborate closely with construction teams for the efficient and safe installation of electrical wiring in your new property throughout Birmingham, Worcester and Sutton Coldfield.

Our team deliver a tidy, fully operational electrical system for your new home. We take pride in guaranteeing high safety standards while aligning with your unique needs and expectations.

Our Range of Property Rewiring Services

At RNE Services Ltd, we take pride in our comprehensive rewiring services. Whether it's a small domestic household or a large commercial property, we offer a bespoke approach that meets all your electrical needs.

Our skilled technicians can perform simple electrical repairs, complex rewiring tasks or even install new electrical systems, ensuring high quality work every time. We provide these top-of-the-line services at a cost that fits comfortably within your budget. Reach out to RNE Services Ltd today to arrange the service that suits your requirements.

Lighting Installations

We offer efficient lighting solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also promote energy conservation.

Our service is simple, straightforward, and tailored to your needs. Contact us on today and let us illuminate your living spaces the right way.

Fault Finding

Our team at RNE Services Ltd excels spotting and addressing electrical problems promptly. 

We ensure to swiftly diagnose the issue and offer practical solutions. We take pride in our reliable and prompt service, keeping your electrical systems in optimal condition.

Fuse Board Upgrades:

It's time to consider replacing your outdated fuse board. Opt for our advanced, safer and more efficient option at RNE Services Ltd. 

Benefit from increased protection against electrical shocks and overload, better energy efficiency and compliance with the latest safety regulations.

Periodic Testing

Regular testing of your electrical systems is critical. By doing so, you can identify potential faults before they cause serious problems. 

This can include finding faulty wiring or overload issues. It's a proactive way to keep your electrical systems safe and well-functioning and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Outdoor Wiring

We offer professional services for the installation and repair of wiring in your outdoor areas.

Whether it's for garden lighting, security systems, or outdoor appliances, our skilled team ensures a safe and efficient solution. Contact RNE Services Ltd today for more information.

Insurance Work

We're capable of collaborating with your insurance provider for any required electrical work. We aim to simplify the process and reduce your stress.

Rest assured, we always adhere to the highest standards of safety, ensuring quality results. Contact us today and let us maintain the safety of your electrical systems.

High-Quality Work For Competitive Prices!

Commercial Building Rewiring

At RNE Services Ltd, our expert electrical services extend not only to homeowners but also include the commercial sector throughout Birmingham, Worcester and Sutton Coldfield. We provide swift, effective and cost-efficient rewiring solutions.

You can rely on our skilled team to complete the job with precision, minimising any disruption to your daily business operations. Trust us to get your wiring job done properly and affordably.

Rewiring Services  for Extensions

If you're in the process of expanding or remodelling your property, RNE Services Ltd can provide the essential rewiring services that you require.

Whether your plans involve adding a single room or building an entirely new floor, our team of skilled and experienced electricians are equipped to handle it.

We ensure that your new extension is fitted with safe, functional, and reliable wiring. We believe that quality wiring is an important component of any property extension; it not only brings functionality, comfort and safety but also adds value to your property.

Property Conversion Rewiring Services

Changing the purpose of a property can bring new challenges, but at RNE Services Ltd, we're here to help you overcome them, offering specialised rewire solutions. Whether it's an old barn turned into a cosy home or an unused warehouse transforming into a bustling office space, our ultimate goal remains unaltered - to ensure electrical safety and efficiency of your converted property.

In the face of constantly evolving regulations, our services are constantly developing too, guaranteeing that your property aligns with the most recent regulations. Our team delivers dependable and efficient electrical services. No matter what type of property you're transforming, trust RNE Services Ltd to deliver your rewire solutions.

Part and Full Rewiring in Birmingham, Worcester, Sutton Coldfield

Part and Full Rewiring Birmingham

Our team frequently carries out complete and partial rewiring work to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your home's electrical system. This ensures your wiring suits modern standards. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist with your rewiring projects.

Fuse Board Installations in Birmingham, Worcester, Sutton Coldfield

Fuse Board Installations Birmingham

We have a dedicated team that provides high-quality fuse board installations. We prioritise safety above all, ensuring all our work meets industry standards. We're committed to giving you a reliable, efficient service.

EV Charging Points in Birmingham, Worcester, Sutton Coldfield

EV Charging Points in Birmingham

At RNE Services Ltd, we're capable of efficiently installing EV charging points on your property. It serves as a handy and effective power solution for your electric vehicles, offering easy access whenever needed.